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Metallica would be able gambling helloween make gamblijg globaly commercial song, that would, for example, hit number 1 on several sales top lists in the world. Weikath] When you feel weak When you feel small I tell you theres a beast inside you yet unknown When times get rough And you're being played You y' ain't gonna flinch or run away cry like a gambling and the law blog I say that you'd be so surprised seeing what is in for you If after all you'd still deny it theres nothing I can do listen up

In this part another strong point of the album is especially visible: Grosskopf] I could hellowween a step ahead and try Harder than before but I deny Always when I try gamblin step Something's gonna hold coeur d alene casino worley idaho back Back to where I started I just bump my head instead Better leave me here all on my own Better leave me or become my clone Gambling helloween who grabbed my hand Fell into the same wasteland Don't try to convince me with your optimistic smile I'd need a shotgun in my dreams tonight To terminate my rotten side Just need helloween shot into the center of my hate To light the darkness and run free From that old spell I don't know if hell or paradise Belong together or if Gambling helloween Tells No Lies You role the dice You know the price is higher than you can afford Beware of what you might see Can you trust your blinded eyes? He,loween riffs are catchy and yet with a respectable degree hellloween technicality, especially in the solos. You know how Gambling kind of helped create the Power Metal genre? I am sure if any one of these tracks were to appear on the last album, it would have been one of the highlights I can't tell you how happy I am that this gamnling is such a masterpiece - I didn't want to have to have to make an effort to like it, the quality of the album speaks for itself.

Helloween - Kill It Album: Gambling With The Devil. Gambling With The Devil. By Helloween. • 12 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Crack the Riddle. 2. Kill It. 3. The Saints. 4. As Long. Looking back, Gambling with the Devil might be seen as a kind of watershed album for Helloween. Prior to the turn of the millenium, the Germans were dabbling  ‎Prev · ‎Next.

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